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Our client, a leader in the transportation industry, was seeking to understand the current travel market as the COVID-19 pandemic was winding down. They were also looking to undertake significant modernization projects that would impact customer experience.

Being able to track and measure these changes was critical to ensuring our client continues to meet their objective of providing sustainable, efficient, and a pleasant passenger experience.

The modernization project ranged from the product offering to information systems and included better data integration and data accessibility through the organization, representing an opportunity but also a challenge.

Needing to collect weekly surveys from their customers and being able to clearly track customer experience and business KPIs required access to data in an innovative reporting tool.


The first phase of the plan consisted of designing an online quantitative tracking survey that runs continuously with an average of 40,000 weekly customer surveys being sent. Data is weighted every quarter based on the volume of passengers and types of routes.

In addition to measuring and tracking key customer journey metrics, we include driver analyses to determine which points of service are driving beacon metrics.

The use of several open-ended questions asked at critical stages of the passenger journey enables our client to quickly understand the main pain points and to act on them, while adding more colour to the NPS scores we collect.

All the data is fed into one ecosystem and accessible in real-time, allowing metrics and customer feedback to be available to anyone with access to our synapse54 platform.


With almost 20,000 completed surveys per quarter, our client can identify and track quarterly changes in satisfaction and travelers’ sentiments. The annual drivers analyses reveal the impact of the various customer journey metrics on the business KPIs.

Using our open-ended trend analysis tool, we track trends and identify both positive and negative sentiments about their service quickly and efficiently. The outputs are displayed on a custom dashboard and included in our GIS mapping visualization tool to make it easy for all stakeholders to digest the information.

Data is uploaded each quarter into our synapse54 platform, which allows for quick deep dives and analyses using custom filters and reporting that aligns to our client’s needs.


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