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In a fiercely competitive business landscape, our lottery client faced the challenge of engaging and retaining customers effectively. Recognizing the need for lasting customer relationships, the company was looking to conduct research to inform the planning and development of a rewards program.

The primary objectives were to enhance customer satisfaction, boost player engagement, and gather valuable insights to tailor offerings to player preferences.


We designed a qualitative study using an online discussion community where consumers answered a series of questions and completed sorting exercises with options to upload videos/audio/photos where applicable.

We recruited a sample of lottery players across different player segments in our client’s target market, who were members of at least one loyalty rewards program.

The benefit of an online community is a more immersive and in-depth experience between the moderator and each individual participant, being able to share moments of truth through different forms of communication, allowing respondents to interact with different types of stimuli (e.g. photo/video uploads), greater geographical coverage, and having several interactions daily at the respondent’s convenience while allowing them time to reflect on their responses.


The program generated a wealth of player insights to inform the sign-up process, program benefits, and program positioning, enabling data-driven decision-making and refining marketing strategies to better align with player preferences.

Our client was able to confidently distinguish between the table stakes of what players expect in a loyalty program vs. the value-adds that would help the program stand out.

Other important outcomes include what to highlight to overcome program limitations and the types of incentives to help influence pre-existing consumer behaviours.


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