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Shopper Insights

We use a range of technologies and approaches to help you along the path to purchase.

The moment of truth. Moment zero. The last 6 feet.
Let us help you win.

Consumer and market segmentation

Mystery Shopping

We work with a team of certified mystery shoppers to get you the insights you need where it counts. Mystery shopping can be conducted at a point-in-time for specific concerns at retail or as an on-going program to measure key performance indicators related to retail activation and sales associate training.

online and brick-and-mortar shopping

Path to Purchase/Shopper Journey

With the changing dynamics each day between online and brick-and-mortar shopping and the multitude of shopper and media touchpoints, understanding the shopper journey can appear to be a complex challenge. We quantify shopper decision trees and identify the largest opportunity areas for optimizing the likelihood that your brand wins at the point of sale. Our shopper insights drive decisions through all phases of the funnel until the moment of truth.