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Market Landscape and Innovation

We can help with tried and true approaches as well as customizing methodologies to any unique needs.
Innovation research using the latest technologies

We can help find that
better way.

Qualitative research

Usage and attitude studies/consumer segmentation

Innovation opportunities take many forms. From touchpoint optimization, exploring new products/services, new customers, positioning and portfolio optimization, as well exploring new business models and channels. We can help with your roadmap to growth.

Package testing

Concept/logo/pack/name testing

We can help you understand which concepts/logo/packages/names have the most potential among your target audience and provide guidance on optimization opportunities. We leverage a range of methodologies tailored to the nature of your concepts and industry to ensure you understand what drives adoption.

Marketing research

Price optimization

Need to understand the optimal pricing for a new concept or to determine price elasticity for your product or service? We offer several marketing sciences based approaches from the simplistic to the more complex and will provide direction based on our extensive expertise in pricing research.

Advertising evaluation

Triggers and barriers

According to the latest research by world-renowned expert on behaviour change and social influence, Jonah Berger, the secret to changing consumer behaviours and perceptions lies in lowering barriers. Instead of pushing harder to be more persuasive, we need to identify the barriers preventing change. Let us help you find these barriers.