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Brand Strategy and Communications

Our insights foster impactful creative, media, and brand actions.

We offer a full suite of advertising solutions across various media including digital for both pre-testing and in-market tracking.

Business Data analytics

Custom brand and ad tracking

We have a core competency with over 30 years in brand and advertising evaluation/tracking across a range of industries, working with advertising buyers and their agencies, with broad expertise in both B2B and consumer research.

We understand the devil in the details with Tracking. element54 principal Bernie Malinoff worked with the team that launched ad tracking in Canada in the 1980s, and has managed hundreds of Ad/Brand Tracking & Global Brand Equity studies in over 30 countries worldwide.

As students of Creative and Media (‘old’ students with 20-30+ years of experience), we work with leading brands who know where they’ve come from, and help them with brand and creative evolution.

Advertising evaluation and tracking

Brand equity research

We believe brand health research provides a comprehensive understanding of perceptual spaces that are important to customers and that brands can occupy to differentiate themselves from competitors in a meaningful and relevant manner.

Brand health is captured across multiple facets in brand studies. We are not supporters of using ‘black box’ brand health models. Instead, we have a consistent and flexible framework which can be leveraged across all industries to meaningfully assess a brand’s health in a simple and actionable way.

Advertising tracking and consumer insights

Facial Biometric – ad pre-testing

Fine-tune media and creative in 72 hours. element54 supports RealEyes, a platform to pre-test your creative using a facial biometric coding approach. Powered by AI and validated to be highly predictive of in-market success. Get insights without asking rational questions. Can test animatics, finished video, and radio. Key metrics include benchmarks. Understand the ‘why’ to key performance indicators such as engagement/viewability, dwell time, etc. Know before you launch!

Innovation research

Brand Positioning/Creative Territory Research

We leverage both qualitative and quantitative approaches depending on your needs to evaluate brand positioning statements/concepts as well as early stage creative territories.

Consumer insights

Corporate Reputation/Corporate Social Responsibility

We have a flexible architecture to measuring corporate reputation, or which corporate social responsibility is an important component. By design, it is intended to benchmark the business against 7 reputation pillars, which can be reviewed against key competitors in your industry as well as best-in-class across others.