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Insights Insights that go
beyond the obvious
On the periodic table, element54 is known as “Xenon”,
an enabler that creates brighter and more efficient light.
These aspirational characteristics of looking for brighter
and more efficient insights guide our client focus, every day.
Brand research for businesses
Facial Reconition What We Do element54 works with marketers to build their brands by:
exploring markets, testing brand and innovation strategies, and
evaluating and tracking marketing communications.
Marketing research

What to expect when working with our team.

Our creative and pragmatic approaches to your business questions will always be rooted in research rigour but with the discipline to adapt to each client and brand circumstance.


We offer a suite of qualitative and quantitative solutions for both consumer and B2B research. From understanding market opportunities and innovation, to optimizing and measuring brand and communications, to evaluating customer experience and gaining shopper insights, we’ve got you covered.

Our Commitment to Your Success

While we are proud of our business growth, we believe it is due to an unwavering focus on making sure that our clients’ research investment goes ‘beyond the obvious’ to be proactive and prescriptive towards meaningful business decision making.

Our Team

Always curious with a strong client focus, element54 is a strategic partner, with multi-disciplinary senior expertise at all phases of the research process. We are a transparent and passionate business partner, with the expertise to add consulting value to the business.

Your success is at the forefront of everything we do. When it comes to innovation in consumer and B2B insights, we focus on desired business outcomes and leverage a purposed-base use of exciting technologies.


element54 has expertise in a broad range of sectors (Private & Public/Government) including loyalty programs, B2B, CPG, financial services, lottery & gaming, health/pharma and retail.


We leverage the purposed-based use of Innovative technologies and platforms, such Emotional Facial Biometric coding, Automated AdTracking, AI Moderated Chats, Eye-Tracking, Geo-Located Surveys, Video Open-Ends, and Digital Cross-Platform Tracking.


While we do not believe in complex black box solutions, we do believe in the power of marketing sciences to help us see beyond the obvious. Whether it’s different types of driver analyses, pricing, clustering, or other types of advanced analytics, we explore every client objective through this lens to bring added value to each engagement.