On the periodic table, element54 is known as “Xenon”, an enabler that creates brighter and more efficient light. These aspirational characteristics of looking for brighter and more efficient insights guide our client focus, every day.

What we do.

element54 works with marketers to build their brands by: exploring markets,testing strategies and concepts/products, evaluating and tracking marketing communications.


Our clients include discriminating buyers across a broad range of sectors: CPG, Financial Services, Lottery & Gaming, CRM/Loyalty Programs, Retail, Travel and Pharma.

Insight Solutions

Facial Biometric - Ad Testing.

Facial Biometric - Ad Testing.

Marketing teams need faster, and more prescriptive solutions to help get advertising creative to market faster, and adapt for digital channels with more confidence.

Using webcam facial recognition software, we can identify consumer emotional response to the creative big idea second by second, and provide key insights in < 48 hours.

AdTrack Express - In-Market.

AdTrack Express - In-Market.

element54 has partnered with Delvinia’s Methodify research automation platform for an < 48 hour Ad Tracking solution.Using our validated in-market advertising metrics, clients can now quickly and confidently assess their advertising achievements. Click here to visit Methodify AdTrack Express
Insights Solutions Suite.

Insights Solutions Suite.

element54 is staffed by Senior Researchers with experience from concept ideation through to in-market tracking across a range of categories, including CPG, Financial Services, Lottery & Gaming, CRM/Loyalty Programs, Retail, Travel and Pharma.
Commitment to Client Success.

Commitment to Client Success.

While we are proud of our business growth, we believe it is due to an unwavering focus on making sure that our clients’ research investment goes ‘beyond the obvious’ to be proactive and prescriptive towards meaningful business decision making.  We were honoured to receive the MRIA Pinnacle Award for Outstanding Research Project of 2015 (June 2016 award)

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